Here are some wonderful further educations that I really want to mention as they have a lasting and enriching effect on my work:

- Shiatsu-Do and Improving Gynecological Health (Ray Ridolfi & Susanne Franzen)
- Shiatsu and Cancer (Pamela Ferguson)
- Shin Tai - Central Channel (Saul Goodman)
- Participation in the Shiatsu tutorial for several years, led by Wilfried Rappenecker
- Two times 3 weeks Seiki Soho Seminars in Japan (Akinobu & Kyoko Kishi)
- diverse Seiki / Seiki Soho workshops (A. & K. Kishi, Vidan Damljanovic, Vera Losenkow, Paul Lundberg)
- Osteopathic Techniques (Jörg Schürpf)

- Conception, Implantation and Support during Pregnancy (Friedrich Wolf)

- The process of birth and the postnatal support (Friedrich Wolf)

- Craniosacral Healing Work with Babies and Infants (Friedrich Wolf)
- Craniosacral Work with Children with Learning Disabilities and ADD (Friedrich Wolf)
- Visceral Intelligence (Michael Kern)
- The 5 Senses and beyond (Michael Kern)

- Stillness and the Curing Power of Acceptance (Friedrich Wolf)

- Craniosacral Therapy for migraine and other types of headaches (Nadja Schumacher)

- Craniosacral Therapy at Burnout (Rein van der Laan)

- Assistence and Interpreting for some Craniosacral Education

- The TMJ and functional orthodontics (Dirk Eckhardt, Udo Blum)

- Craniosacral Therapy for Mother, Baby and Child part I+II (Rudolf Merkel)

- Craniosacral Therapy for Mother, Baby and Child part III+IV (Claudia Knox)

- Craniosacral Therapy and active vision training (Udo Blum, Ursula Müller)

- Craniosacral Therapy for the eyes (Ursula Gachnang)


- Man as Embryo between Heaven and Earth (Dr. med. Jaap van der Wal)
- Integrative Vision Therapy (Dr. Roberto Kaplan)
- Conversation in the Therapeutic Clinic (Tillmann Jossé)
- Jinen Butoh (Atsushi Takenouchi & Hiroko Komiya)
- Healing with Sound & Voice (Karl Grunick)

- Continuum Movement (Robin Becker)

- Kotodama - The Sound of the Soul (Karl Grunick)

- Autoimmune Diseases (Dr. Schmiedel)

- Post-Viral Fatigue and Exhaustion (Dr. Feldhaus)

- Environmental Toxicology and E-Smog (Dr. Feldhaus)

- Symposium Sleep & Sleep Disorder (Feldhaus, Brunner, Knoblauch, Schmiedel)

- Symposium Depressions (Feldhaus, Kaiser und Kindlimann, Bircher, Schmiedel)

- Symposium Chronic Inflammations (Feldhaus, Dönitz, Ogal, Schmiedel)

- Mirkrobiome and Stress (Dr. Feldhaus)




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