The main focus of a session will always be bodywork but it is often accompanied by a situation-related talk or an assessment of your current situation. Bodywork is process work too. Depending on the matters that are leading you to me, the amount and the time interval of treatments can vary a lot. As each one is an individual, we will find out together the most suitable way and pace for you.

In addition to the treatment I may give you some "homework" too, consisting of little but helpful physical or mental exercises.


I have got 25 years of experience in bodywork.

For 60 minutes of my work I charge 144 Swiss Francs.

I offer you 60 minutes of my full presence.

The first consultation may take a little more time.

A treatment session with infants can often be shorter.


If there is a cancellation less than 24 hours, I have to charge the amount of the booked session.


I am a member of the Shiatsu association of Switzerland and Cranio Suisse.

As well I am registered at ASCA, EMR, EGK and Visana.

If you have got a complementary insurance you very likely get back a certain percentage of the costs, depending on your contract with the insurance company.


Hablo un poco español tambien. No es suficiente para una página web pero alcanza sobre todo para trabajar con el cuerpo. El lenguaje del cuerpo es internacional!



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Shiatsu & Craniosacral Therapie


Ronald Weidner

Brunnmattstrasse 21
3007 Bern

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